I am peaceful today!

It is SO AMAZING how the Word of God can convict you and then put you into a peace of mind.  For the past few days, Southside had its Winter Revival, and I tell you….it has been a GREAT blessing!  Last night’s lesson was “Consider Your Ways” and it convicted me to the tee.  Lately, my ways have not been God’s Way, and I have been quite stressed, frustrated, and unmoved mentally.  The main point that pierced me was the fact that if I put my agenda before God’s agenda, then no matter what, my agenda will be cursed.  That explains my previous letdowns and confusions!  My agenda has been cursed!  Whoa…can I squeeze out an Amen!  David Wilson from the Kings Church of Christ in Brooklyn, NY tore up the sanctuary with the lesson God sent to us through him.  The lesson came from Haggai and I need to read chapter 1 over and over until it is stoned in my heart that I can focus on my house, my wants, my desires before focusing on God’s house first.  Man, I have been tripping.  Therefore today, I have been more focused….I even made some progress on my thesis!  God is GOOD!  Thank God for blessing me with this lesson.  I can’t wait to see what is in store for tonight! 


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  1. Thanks for the encouragement Sis. It was a blessing being @ Southside. God Bless.

    Holla at me http://Expalot.blogspot.com

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