Thankful Thursday

Whew! It has been quite a busy week. One more day until the weekend, which will be busy as well. Some people live paycheck to paycheck but I live weekend to weekend. Yesterday I had my LAST TA office hours EVER (at least for now maybe). This is the last week of classes at school so I want to grade this last set of homework problems by tomorrow for the students to have back in time to study for their exam next Wednesday. Trust me, this TA position has been a blessing which allowed me to save up a few g’s for reserve once my loans run out for the semester. The past few summers have been rough because my loans ran out in May and I had very little money. And surprisingly, my loan money will not run out until the end of June if I continue to spend wisely. And I NEVER spent any of my money earned online. $1200 is still saved in my paypal account and $80 in my alertpay account. I am thankful for God blessing me with the opportunity to earn online for free!

However, on a sadder note, my advisor’s (on my graduate committee) father died in Australia and therefore will be out of town for several weeks. This means my defense date for my thesis will have to be pushed back later. Originally we were pushing for May 16th, but now it will have to be later, and I totally respect and understand that. Ultimately, I would like to be done and have my thesis submitted by my 25th birthday on June 16th. The shift in date is actually not a bad thing because I have gotten a little behind in my thesis writing process. But I am progressing in my data analysis, which is a great thing! I just didn’t want this “convenience” to happen on the expense of an untimely event. Everything happens according to God’s plan so please pray for my advisor and his family during this time!

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